Friday, August 05, 2005

ATC for Battlefield 2 - Play Prepared!

Get all your team mates connected to your
online session and create vivid, detailed tactics
together. The wide selection of tools included
offers your clan the control to grasp the tactic
easily and evolving them together in real time!
Brand new tools like zoom, text, export tactic
and the Custom Map Wizard builds upon the
alreadylarge library of tools!

Features include:

• Extremely easy too use. Create detailed tactics within minutes.
• A wide selection of tools to create tactics with.
• Great overview images of the 12 official maps in Battlefield 2.
• Connect with up to 16 team mates on a dedicated or listen server.
• Add your own custom made pictures with the Custom Map Wizard
• Create and manage squads before heading to the Battlefield
• Download and use, completely free!


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